In the present scenario of global cost competitiveness in the steel industry, challenges can be met by finding solutions to reduce energy consumption. The concern for environment is also of paramount importance in the construction of steel plants. All process equipment is provided with pollution control systems. For example, more and more conventional battery cyclones are being replaced by ESP which not only increase the production of a steel plant but also minimize the dust emissions into the air to make the entire operation more environmental friendly.

ESP (electrostatic precipitator) uses electrical field to remove particles from the flue gas produced by the boiler, the sinter or other metallurgical furnaces. As the ESP not only removes the particles but also minimally hinders the flow of flue gas. It has very low pressure drops; thus, requiring least energy requirements and yielding least operating costs.

In an ESP, an intense electric field is maintained between high-voltage discharge electrodes (typically wires or rigid frames) and grounded collecting electrodes (usually plates). A corona discharge from the discharge electrodes ionizes the gas passing through the precipitator, and gas ions subsequently ionize the fly ash or other particles. The electric field drives the negatively charged particles to the collecting electrodes. Periodically, the collecting electrodes are rapped mechanically to dislodge collected particulate that fall into hoppers for subsequent removal.

Electrostatic precipitator overall (mass) collection efficiencies can exceed 99.9%. Precipitators with high overall collection efficiencies also have high collection efficiencies for particles of all sizes so that excellent control is achievable.

MEPC undertakes complete design & engineering, supply of all equipment, fabricate, manufacture, install, paint, test and commission all of the following pollution control equipment:

  • Electrostatic Precipitator
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) Equipment
  • Pneumatic Conveying Equipment
  • Flue gas of burning Trash and Dangerous Solid Waste Treatment Equipment
  • Bag Dust Collector
  • Other products
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