Group Introduction

China Metallurgical Engineering & Project Corporation (MEPC) is a diversified Engineering and Project Group Corporation with vertical portfolios in Metallurgy, Mining, Coal & Coking, Energy and Non-Ferrous Metal, etc.. MEPC’s principal activities are in proven technology, engineering, consultancy, supply, project contracting as well as  financial services in the following fields: 

● Geological Survey
● Iron Ore Mining & Beneficiation
● Pelletization
● Sintering
● Coal Mining, Coal Washing
● Coking
● Blast Furnace
● Converter, EAF
● Refining Furnace
● Hot Rolling
● Cold Rolling
● Galvanizing, Color Coating, etc.
● Oxygen Plant
● Power Plant
● Non-ferrous Metal Plant
● Lime Kiln
● Other related plants

MEPC was awarded the Overseas Project Contracting License by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of P.R. China. It is hence one of the elitist companies of China to be approved to execute projects globally and its overseas project contracting activities are carried out under Chinese government’s official support and supervision.

Since its founding, MEPC has been concentrated in contracting overseas metallurgical projects, which involve unique technological features and patented items. For many years, with optimized development in individual systems including technologies, engineering, equipment integration, project erection, commissioning, training, project designed capacity realization and after-commission technical service, spare parts and consumable materials supply, MEPC has successfully transformed into a dependable technology provider & a general contractor of iron and steel construction projects, capable of providing one-stop full life cycle services for steel plants all over the world. At the present, MEPC strives to become a top class Chinese conglomerate as well as a global famous contractor to undertake metallurgical projects overseas on EPS, EPC, BOT, and BOO basis etc. with  time-proven integrated services.  In special markets and projects with unique features, MEPC is able to establish joint venture projects with our clients or build model plants solely invested by MEPC.

After more than 20 years of development, with rich experiences accumulated though implementation of more than 100 overseas metallurgical projects, MEPC has set up its own  a strong project implementation team with more than 500 professional employees, which is more specialized and centralized compared with those of other Chinese companies in the same field. Technical services, which our own staff members are able to provide, cover project organization and management, equipment local purchasing and manufacturing supervision, civil construction, equipment erection and trial running, training, heating up and commissioning, performance testing, technical guidance for operation and maintenance. Besides, MEPC retains 7 wholly/jointly owned design institutes which not only have featured technologies, but also can convert and unify various design standards and norms, plus on-site services. Thus, the frequently encountered thorny problem of standard difference between Chinese and project host countries is completely solved, ensuring completion of projects on time. MEPC also has cooperation with China’s top design institutes and international reputed consultants in some specific projects or some areas of any projects.

MEPC has its own financial units in Hong Kong and Singapore, therefore provides optimized financial solutions to its customers for related projects.

In Chinese metallurgical export history, MEPC has achieved great success and created many Firsts in exporting Chinese proprietary patent technologies, such as Bell-less Top, PCI, Dry Gas Cleaning System, Stamp Charging Non-recovery Coke Oven, Large Capacity Torpedo Car, Annular Sinter Plant and Integrated Iron Making Plant (composed of blast furnace, sinter plant and coke oven), etc..

MEPC also provides extensive services for existing international steel conglomerates: 1) MEPC endeavors to build herself into a number one Chinese brand in providing foreign steel complexes with one-stop services for realization of circulation economy, energy saving and consumption reduction, pollution control and environment protection as well as industrial up gradation etc.. 2) MEPC possesses adequate experience and strength for revamping  and reconstructing existing metallurgical  facilities particularly in existing blast furnaces, coke ovens and sinter plants with distinctive advantages. MEPC is gradually turning itself into a most competitive company in existing blast furnace revamping and upgrading. 3) MEPC is also able to supply highly cost-effective spare parts, consumables, and refractory materials to integrated steel projects, and can offer single unit equipment at most competitive price as well. 4) MEPC is in a good position to dispatch experts at short notice to project sites overseas or invite foreign operation  personnel to visit China for operation and maintenance guidance.

MEPC, with a very strong base in China, is rapidly gaining international recognition by executing an increasing number of projects overseas. Going forward, MEPC is focusing on new technologies and innovation to drive its business in China and internationally. Anchored in China and wedded to traditional values and strong ethics, MEPC companies are building multinational businesses that will achieve growth through excellence and innovation, while balancing the interests of shareholders, employees and civil society.

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