Founded in 1958,Hebei Qiyuan Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. (HET) is mainly providing design & engineering, consultancy and technology development service for iron & steel making and environmental protection industry. It was acquired by MEPC and becomes MEPC’s wholly-owned design institute.

Located in Shijiazhuang City, provincial capital of Hebei Province--the largest steel producing province in China with annual steel production of more than 200 million ton, HET owns the national metallurgical design & engineering qualification certificate and is specialized in blast furnace, converter,continuous casting, environmental protection, etc. and has rich experience in providing steel plant technological up-grading and operation optimization solutions.

HET has participated in many integrated steel plants’ engineering and construction, especially Shijiazhuang Iron & Steel Group—one three-million-ton steel plant mainly producing bearing steel, for which HET has done the most design and engineering as well as project management job for building its integrated steel making facilities.

Hebei Qiyuan Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. is ready to provide the best quality service to all applications of the metallurgical industry.

Plant View of Shijiazhuang Iron & Steel Group
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