MEPC has extensive experience in refractory design for use in electrical arc furnaces (EAF). Suited to the customer's requirement we first present our design concept and plan. The  design is based on current production and prevailing conditions to ensure compliance with the production process including reduction of liquid steel to yield lower production cost.

Refractories, supplied by MEPC, are designed and manufactured as per international and also Chinese standards that meet the customer's requirements. MEPC also supplies refractories as per its customer's stricter and special requirements.

The Lining life of EAFs, with refractories supplied by MEPC and maintained as per our methods, have  exceeded 650 heats, with lower refractory consumption per ton of steel as follows: magnesia carbon brick≤0.6kg, ramming mix≤1.5kg,gunning mix≤2.0kg.

With the development of EAFs with larger capacity, ultra-high power, water cooling staves (cap) and EBT tapping, products and technologies such as MgO-C bricks, gunning mix, dry bottom ramming mix, hot repairing materials, and roof assemble prefabrication are being widely used with very good results for MEPC's customers.

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