The PCI is one of the major measures to considerably reduce the coke ratio and improve indirect reduction. The substitution with cheaper coal for expensive coke can lower the cost of hot metal making. For these reasons, MEPC Group, in cooperation with research and technical partners, has developed PCI technology and places great emphasis on transfer and application of this technology, being China's first export of the PCI technologies and equipment, and later transfer of PCI technologies for blast furnace ranging from 320m3 to 4064m3.


Coal Mill Hot Fumes Generating Stove
Salient Features of PCI Applied with MEPC’s Technology:
● Over 200kg/t PCL rate can be reached at lowest operation cost
● High density PC pneumatic conveying: ratio of PC to air >40kg/Nm3
● Distributor: discrepancy <5%. Service life >10 years
● Adjustable feeder: tolerance <1%
● Long life lance: 5 times that of common lance
● Safety monitoring unit: monitoring CO and O2 accurately
● Individual pipe block monitoring: identifying pipe block in time
PCI system erected in India
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