Coke Oven

Refractory materials used in coke ovens:

MEPC is capable of executing coking projects on an EPC basis globally. As an example, we hav implemented a 1,600,000t/a capacity coke oven EPC project in India for TATA Steel.

In the area of coke oven refractory materials, MEPC is fully competed to design and supply all types of refractory for new coke ovens and also undertake projects to repair or modify existing coke ovens.
Keeping pace with enhancement in the volume of BFs, coke ovens are being commensurately developed in terms of capacity and cleaner technology. Heights of the carbonization chamber of coke oven are increasing. MEPC's experience has been enabled supply of refractory for a 7.63m high coke oven.

We select the best quality of silica cement in China and developed for coke oven special silica bricks with high thermal strength, low true density, small thermal expansion rate and high tridymite content. The clay bricks also have good thermal shock stability, and high temperature strength, applicable to special areas such as oven door and charging holes. All these achieve a highly stable oven body and ensures a long service life.

MEPC has successfully supplied all types of refractory used in coke ovens, both in China and many other countries. We are one of the largest coke oven refractory exporters from China.

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