Equipment Complex


In addition to the aforementioned projects, MEPC can supply a wide range of complete equipment and individual machinery as detailed below:

  • Metallurgical and geological equipment:
  • Diamond core drill
  • Metallurgical and mining equipment:
  • Shaft drill, opencast mining and underground mining, ore dressing equipments, conveying equipment, crushing equipment, bulk material handling equipment, etc.
  • Iron making equipment:
  • Sintering equipment, PCI equipment, pelletizing equipment, coking, BF, industrial frequency furnace, ladle car, scrip yard equipment, lime and dolomite kiln, etc.
  • Steel making equipment:
  • BOF, EAF, refining furnace/ladles, continuous casters for blooms, billets and slabs, etc.
  • Rolling mills:
  • Spare parts, heating furnaces, hot rolling mills, wire rolling mills, shape steel rolling mills, plate mills, cold rolling mills, cold rolling & galvanizing mills, and all auxiliary machines, equipments of the above.
  • All auxiliary machines and equipments of metallurgy, mines, and factories such as machining workshops, equipment for gas de-dusting / cleaning, cooling, holding and transporting, water treatment equipment for coke oven, BF, BOF and EAF, etc.
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