MEPC Equipment R&D Institute was established in 2008, by transforming and restructuring the state-owned Equipment Engineering Institute founded in 1956, benefiting from its 60 years sustained development & knowledge on continuous basis. MEPC’s core competence is in design and engineering of key equipment and it has already been awarded many R&D patents. Backed by state of the art technology & continuous up-grading, MEPC’s own manufacturing facilities have been constantly trying to gain relative advantages over their counterparts.

MEPC's  years of on-site experience of executing overseas projects, huge scale of indigenous procurement associated with overseas projects, tying up with reputed manufacturers in the form of sharing and holding equities have contributed to reduction of project cost substantially, MEPC already set up equipment fabrication bases with exclusive & long term technical support from reputed manufacturers in jiangsu, Hebei and Henan Provinces in order to guarantee quality and comply with time-schedules..

MEPC has also been cooperating in mana fields and on different levels with reputed large-scale national equipment manufacturers, like CFHI, China National Erzhong Group Co., DHI, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd, xi’an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd and NHI, etc... An exclusive & strategic alliance with above companies could be formed in special areas or cases. Together with out-sourcing experience from international brands, like ABB, Rexroth, Ingersoll Rand and Siemens, we surely can supply all in scope matrix and meet special requirements by supplying from the preferred manufacturers.

After years of continuous development, MEPC can secure cooperation with more than 1,000 manufacturing companies, some of which have already joined our group as subsidiaries for mutual benefit by taking advantage of MEPC’s capability of providing EPC package to our clients.

In short, based on years of practical experience and technological development, MEPC offers absolute advantage in equipment design, supply, installation and maintenance to overseas metallurgical projects.  

The Machining Equipment in manufacturing base-18m milling machine T torpedo ladle car manufactured in manufacturing base
Equipment Machinery Workshop 8m &12m Planer Milling Machine
Equipment Manufacture for BF and Converter Rolling Machine Assembly Workshop
Heavy Machine Assembly Workshop of XI’AN Shangu Power Co., Ltd. NHI Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd
China First Heavy Industry (CFHI)
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