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 Based on the philosophy of providing the best customer service, MEPC offers solution for supplying various kinds of spare parts for converter. As an integrated supply platform, for both domestic and oversea market, we are firmly committed to partner our clients and play the vital role as a supply center for spare parts for converter.

In recent years, we have been consistently expanding our business in supplying of spare parts for converter to many countries and regions as well as building long term relationship with some of the world famous enterprise.
Oxygen lance nozzle shaped by forging, as new product, is Original Know-how Developed by MEPC
Eximious design of heads throat & flared tube is optimized by Experts from MEPC according to type and capacity of converter as will as amount of blowing oxygen and cooling water.High quality material  High pure E-Cu or SF-Cu is used. Advanced process method Oxygen lance head is shaped by forging unitarily. Stabilization of oxygen jet-flow Because of the good anti-creep speciality of the material forged.Long working life Through forging, the head gets high density, which is helpful to increase heat conductivity, and increase cooling effect.
Material Chemical Composition Mechanical Properties Electric Conductivity (%IACS)
Cu(%) Others(%) Tensile Strength σb(N/mm2) Yield Strength σ0.2(N/mm2) Elongation δ(%) Hardness (HB)
E-Cu 99.90   200 40 40 45 98
SF-Cu 99.85 P0,012~0.050 305 235 18 85 85
Water cooling mouth for Oxygen converter is a typical facility used in the steel making processes aimed at water cooling the high temperature operation. Our product can reach more heats due to better eximious design
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