Wire Feeder

 Wire feeder adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, electric machine direct drive and electronic counting, digital display ,and PLC control. It owns speed and length setting device, electromechanical separation and aerodynamic compaction organization. Therefore, the double current can feed different wires at different speed, length, and time, and either current can be chosen to feed separately as well. It is characterized by full function, accurate count, small size, steady drive, secure and reliable function, and other merits ,so it is an ideal feeder device.

Device pattern: fixed, moving, and rotary
Device category: single wire, double wires,  and four wires.   
Device assignment: high end (S7--200),low end (relay)
Main technical parameters:
1. Feeding wire category: alloy core wire, aluminum wire, and rectangle wire
2. Feeding wire number: 2
3. Feeding wire diameter: Ф6--Ф18mm            
4. Feeding speed:1--7m/s
5. Mainframe moving speed:14m/s
6. Conduit angle: 30 degrees
7. Tread:680mm
8. Equipped power: Main electrical machine Y100L—4 3kw×6
9. Mobile electrical machine Y90--4  1.5kw
10.Dopted  power supply: 380v the system of 3phases 4wires
11.Mainframe appearance size: 2100×900×1350(mm)
12.Moving rail: 11kg/m light rail
13.Operation pattern: PLC is adopted to control.Operation near the machine,completely automatic control and control is realized
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