Alloy Core Wire

 Core wire is made of low carbon steel sheath in which the powdered minerals, metals and ferro alloys are tightly encased. Core wire injection is the most practical way of increasing productivity and steel quality while reducing costs. One of the main problems of in-ladle metallurgy is to introduce the liquid steel, with high reproducible recovery, many elements which are either light, reactive, or easily oxidized. Adding these elements deep in the ladle minimizes oxidation by air and slag, increases the time and surface area of contact with the liquid steel and therefore delays vaporization and, ultimately, increases efficiency.

Advantage for cored wire: Less agitation of the steel which minimizes splashing and pick-up of gases (oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen), with lower temperature loss, lower investment cost and lower operation cost.
Cored wire consists of filling component and metal jacket.
Fillings component: one or alloys material powder with grain size less than 3mm.
Metal jacket: cold rolled steel band with thickness 0.35~0.5 mm and width 45~65 mm.   
Specification for core wire: Diameter: 9mm, 13mm, 16mm 
Powder Content Description Main Element Content
Calcium Silicon CaSi core wire Ca: 28-32% Si: 55-65%
Calcium Silicon Barium CaSiBa core wire Ca: not less than 9% Si: not less than 35% Ba: not less than 9%
Ferro Calcium Ca30 Fe core wire Ca: not less than 30% Fe balance
Ferro Calcium Aluminum AlCa core wire Ca: 38-42% Al: 23-27%
Calcium Ca core wire Ca: not less than 98%  
Carbon C core wire C: not less than 98%  
Ferro Born B18Fe core wire B: 18-20% Fe balance
B14Fe core wire B: 14-16% Fe balance
B5Fe core wire B: 5.5-7% Fe balance
Ferro manganese MnFe core wire Mn: 65-72% C: <7%
MnFe core wire Mn: 75-82% C: <2%
MnFe core wire Mn: 80-87% C: <0.7%
Mn99 core wire Mn: not less than 99%  
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