Coke Oven Door And Frame

Grey iron, ductile iron and vermicular casting iron coke oven door and frame is supplied. Comparing with grey iron, ductile iron, vermicular casting iron minimizes warpage and cracking, lengthens working life and reduces maintenance cost.

Physical Characteristics of Vermicular Iron

Material Tensile Strength σb (Mpa) Yield Strength σ0.2 (Mpa) Extension Ratioδ(%) Hardness Value HB Vermicuted Ratio % Matrix Structure
RUT340 ≮340 ≮270 ≮1.0 170-249 ≮50 Pearlite + Ferrite

Features of Oven Doors

● Special materials of knife edge and web plate,reducing air leakage
● RUT340 door body, decreasing deformation and cracking and increasing working life
● Optimum structure design based on the pressure condition of oven door in hot stage

Knock knife edge and spring knife edge oven door for 2.8m, 3.2m and 4.3m slot stamp charging coke ovens, spring knife edge, web plate and air cooling oven door for 5.5m slot stamp charging and 5m, 6m, 7m and 7.63m slot top charging coke ovens and 3m and 3.6m wide oven door for horizontal heat recovery coke oven.


Spare parts for by-product coke oven and heat recovery coke oven, such as pushing bar, sole plate gearbox, adjusting orifice, exchanging cock, bridge pipe, etc.

● Quick delivery term
● High quality
● Low price

MEPC has its own machinery design institute and manufacturing plants and it can supply design and manufacture of special assemblies for update and improvement of coking machinery as per clients’ requirements, such as oven door lifting assembly for heat recovery coke oven machine, cleaning assembly of oven door ( high pressure water jet or screw scraper ) and oven door frame for by-product coke oven machine, stamping machine and coke spillage collecting assembly for the latter, etc.

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