Work Protecting Goods

Work Protecting Goods: various tool bag, glove for welding, working glove, clothe for welding, face cover for welding which automatically changes light, reflecting cloth, eye-protecting goggle, eye cover, electrician-belt, electrician-clamp glove. All of the Work Protecting Goods can also make related goods tailored to customers needs.

Hand Protection:
Anti-cutting glove, PVC glove, anti-static glove, latex glove, white glove, one-off glove, welding  glove, steel wire glove, leather glove, protection glove, sports glove, rubber glove, anti-thorn glove, cotton yarn glove, canvas glove, thread glove, high temperature-resisting glove, insulation glove, etc.
Products Characteristics: 1.Hand back material is made of complex sponge of elastic terylene and it is comfortable, good-looking and warm. 2. Palm hear material is made of super-fibre and it is abrasive resistant and ventilate. 3. Palm cushion is made of sponge and it is abrasive resistant, comfortable, and shockproof. 4. Wrist is made of heat-treated diving cloth and it is good-looking, elastic, and easily put on.5.Hand back protection is made of sponge and it is comfortable and protects back joint. 6. Wrist: B class magic button which can be adjusted at will and easily put on.7.All colors and sizes can be available upon customers request.8.Our design styles can be changed to customers needs.9.Customers design style and logo can be made.
Foot Protection:
Types of safety shoe and boot
(1)Safety Shoe 
Safety shoe is also called toe-protecting shoe and it is mainly to prevent foot and toe from being smashed by objects. Objects hitting foot and toe can happen while moving heavy goods or dealing with barrels and heavy pipes or accidently kicking sharp metal objects, etc. The shoe front is capped with metal inner lining which is impact-resistant, with high intensity and light weight. The test has been done to meet the predetermined standard. Please note that the type of safety shoe should be chosen according to the different intensity of working loads and/or conditions.
(2)Insulation Shoe  
The function of insulation shoe is to lower the risk of catching electric shock to the minimum. Because the electricity enters ground through human body when catching electric shock, not only should insulation gloves be put on, but also insulation shoes should  as well. The insulation shoes can be categorized according to 20kV、6kV and 5kV.While in use, the type of shoe should be chosen according to working scope. Routine check and maintenance of the shoes should be carried out because once getting damped or damaged, the shoes will lose their function.
(3)Antistatic and electric shoes
Antistatic shoes can prevent accidents caused by static electricity within human body, and can also prevent electric shock caused accidently by 220V frequency capacitance. Electric shoes are used in places where human body is more sensitive to static electricity and fire and explosion can possibly occur. This kind of shoe can be safety shoe or rubber shoe with antistatic sole or electric sole. No metal material is used so as to reduce possibilities of catching fire caused by friction. The shoes must be resistance-tested at very beginning and tested regularly alter on to ensure that the maximum resistance should not exceed the value allowed. 
(4)Steel Making Shoes and Shoe Cap
This type of shoe is also called casting workers shoe. It mainly prevents burning and thorn and pricking. It is of compression resistance and hard to be burned; its surface is made of oil-immersed cowhide and canvas covered with leather; its sole is made of cowhide usually used for tire bottom lining. To prevent scald caused by hot metal liquid, it has a high upper and can be easily taken off. Shoe lid can also be used to cover shoe upper and pant leg.The lid is usually made of canvas, asbestos, aluminium membrane.
(5)Rubber Shoe
According to usage, it can categorized into anti-acid boot, anti-alkali boot, water-proof  boot, oil-proof boot, etc. Anti-acid boot and anti-alkali boot are used in the places where acid and alkali and other cautery liquid are present. It can also be in one unit with pant to guard off acid and alkali. Water-proof boot is used in places where water and spray are present. It can be used in mining sector, marine factory, and rice seedling transplanting , etc. Oil-proof shoe is used in places where smear is present and has various types made of rubber and polythene.
(6)Cold-Proof Shoe
It can be categorized into cotton shoe, coat shoe, felt coat and they are used in places where extreme cold weather and low temperature are present as they can preserve heat well.
In addition to the shoes listed above, special shoes are also available for those working in road and building construction sites as well as food factory and vintage plantation.
Protecting Cloth:
We make fire-resistant and steam-resistant cloth, heat-insulation cloth, fire-stopping cloth, anti-static cloth, anti-static and radiation cloth, cloth for steel making, fire-fighting cloth, cloth for wielding, working cloth, anti-acid cloth, and smear-proof cloth.  Material, size, color, brand, and logo can be tailored to customers needs.
Head Protection:
Safety Cap and Specifications 
1、Vertical distance: It is measured in line with predetermined rules and the values should be between 25-55mm. 
2、Horizontal distance: It is measured in line with predetermined rules and the values should be between 5-20mm. 
3、Height: It is measured in line with predetermined rules and the values should be between 80-90mm. 
4、Hoop size: It has the following three sizes: 
  Small: 51-56cm 
  Large: 61-64cm 
5、Weight: Less than 400g for a safety cap 
6、Cap border: Minimum:10mm; maximum: 35mm; cap border gradient: 20°-60° 
7、Venthole: A safety cap can have one venthole on each side 
8、Peak: minimum: 10mm; maximum: 55mm 
9、Color: Light colors like white, light yellow apply to safety cap 
Technical Characteristics
1.1Impact and absorbency: Respectively place three safety caps under 20±2℃(under40℃ in case the safety cap is used in well), -10±2℃ and in water, then drop a steel hammer of 5KG as high as 1M. Such test causes wallop head mould which should not be more than 500KG maximum. 
1.2Anti-penetrability: According to material chosen, Respectively place three safety caps under 50±2℃, -10±2℃ and in water, then drop a steel wimble of 3KG as high as 1M. The result should be that the steel wimble should not contact head mould 
2.1Anti-low temperature: Safety cap can stand below -10℃ while keeping impact and absorbency and anti-penetrability 
2.2Fire-proof: Using GB2812-81 (Safety Cap Test Methods) to burn a safety cap for 10 seconds, then move away the flame. The result should be that fire on cap should extinguish by itself in 5 seconds 
2.3Electricity-insulation: A safety cap should stand voltage of 1200V  for one minute and creepage should not be more than 1.2mA 
2.4Side rigidity: Using methods stipulated in GB2812-81 to press a safety cap with 43KG weight, and the shape change of cap hull should not be more than 40mm maximum; and should not be more than 15mm after the weight is removed
Eye Protection:
Welding  mask, full face mask, mask for argon arc welding and electric welding, mask with adjustable led for welding, mask with auto-change of light for argon arc welding and electric welding, wide eye protecting blinder for welding, blinder for chemicals, protecting glass for black light welding, protecting glass for white light welding, impact-proof blinder.
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