Coal gas or producer gas is reckoned as a substitute for the natural gas in metallurgical processes in areas where fossil resources are not available. It has been successfully utilized in producing of DRI as reducing gas and in various cases as fuel.

MEPC, as one of the most respected suppliers of coal gasification plants in China, has taken over a big part of the Chinese market share with our partner for its excellent performance and versatility in coal types from lignite to anthracite.

The plant is able to adopt 1-Section and 2-Section design of the process, with productivity up to 9000Nm3/h per module under a pressure of 1.47kPa. Typically, for a 2-section module, the coal gas from the upper and lower part has a calorific value of 7400-7800kJ/Nm3  and 5500-6000kJ/Nm3  respectively, while the blend output is 6150-6620 kJ/Nm3. The temperature of the upper gas is 100-150 °C and 550-600°C is the case in lower part.

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