MEPCprovidesLF,VD/VOD,AOD,RH to the modern steel plant for high- end products with a tailor-made process.Since 2000 we have been committed to design and manufacture of vacuum system, mainly including VD/VOD vacuum refining units for metallurgy industry. Our products cover engineering of the plant, project management an d supervision services, and equipment supply as follows:

110t LF in operation Northeast Special Steel Co.
Ladle furnace (LF) up to 300t with all types of working position arrangement and swiveling roof and/or electrode form;
Vacuum (oxygen) degasser (VD/VOD) up to 160t with steam ejectors or steam ejectors with water ring pump;
Ruhstahl Hausen process vessel (RH) integrated with BOF;
Argon-Oxygen Decarburization process furnace (AOD) up to 80t for stainless steel making; Other refining units
50t VOD Huaye Special Steel Co.
180t RH 700kg/h(67Pa ,1.0 MPA /35 ℃) 2*35t AOD in erection in Shanghai Shuangli
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