Application: Oil pipe, casting pipe, line pipe, coupling tubing, structural pipe, fluid transmission pipe, boiler tube, geological drill pipe, pipe for chemical cracking, hydraulic supporting tube, automobile semi-axis tube
Raw material: Round pipe
Final product: Seamless pipe with outer diameter at 30- 500 mm
Mill type: Φ76-Φ460mm pipe mill train
Annual capacity: 150,000-500,000 TPA
● Rotary hearth furnace with better heating quality
● Cone roll piercer with wide angle for reducing internal and external surface defects
● 3-Hi continuous rolling mill with hydraulic screw down to improve final product quality
● Fourteen stands slight stretch sizing mill with individual drive to reduce O.D. difference of pipe
● Walking type cooling bed for achieving uniform cooling
● Layer sawing machine with fast cutting speed and good cutting quality
● Ten-Hi straightener with hydraulic fast lift-up function for upper roll to improve straightening accuracy
● Online detecting system for pipe thickness, diameter, length and temperature
● Level-II control system
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