Adhering to the concepts of “Recycling Economy”, “Low-carbon Economy” and “Sustainable Development”, MEPC is a pioneer and leading company in terms of provision with   integrated solutions in energy saving & environmental protection field. We have successfully commissioned numerous projects with the features of low energy consumption, low emission and low pollution using the following technologies:

1) Coke Drying Quenching (CDQ);
2) Coal gas moisture control;
3) Sinter plant heat recovery with PG;
4) BOF slag disintegration;
5) Steam recovery.

Beside these, sinter gas desulphurization, gas de-dusting, water treatment, solid waste treatment can also be handled and resolved by our comprehensive solutions.

100t/h CDQ Project Coal Moisture Control by Waste Gas
9MW power generation for 320M2 Sinter Plant 180M2 Sinter Gas Desulphurization
De-dusting Facility of 1.5mtpa Coke Oven Water Treatment Plant
Slag Disintegrating of 0.8 MPTA BOF Gas De-dusting Plant
Iron & Steel Plant Comprehensive Treatment Dedusting Facility from air

Our aim is to make the utmost effort to recycle or reuse every calorie of waste heat and every drop of wastes generated in and exhausted from iron & steel plant so as to help our clients to preserve energy and reduce emissions.

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