Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line
Raw material: CR carbon steel or low alloy steel strip
Steel grade: CQ, DQ, DDQ
Strip: Thickness 0.18-2.0mm, width 600-1250mm
Line speed: 50-180mpm Capacity: 60,000-180,000TPA Coating type: GI, GL(Galvalume)
Coating weight: (2-side, g/m2) GI 80~300, GL 120
● NOF & RTH for fast heating & better thermal efficiency
● Air circulation cooling jet devices with VFD
● Skin pass mill to improve strip surface quality, coating & drawing properties
● Heat recovery technique for energy saving & cost reduced
● Jet-type ceramic zinc pot for fast heating, less dross & long service life
● Thickness gauge for air knife real time thickness control
Color Coating Line
2-coating & 2-baking for building material.
Speed: 20~100 mpm, Capacity: 30,000-120,000TPA Substrate strip: CR, GI, GL
Thickness: 0.2~1.2 mm, Width: 800-1250mm
Paints recommended: Epoxy/Polyester/SMP/PVDF/Vanish,  Film thickness: 8~15 μm
● Fine roll coater with 3 coating heads for better quality
● Unique incinerator
3-coating & 3-baking process + laminating(hot & cold)+ print for decoration sheet (household appliance,
exterior and interior decoration, etc.)
Laminating speed: 60mpm(max), embossing speed: 40mpm(max). Capacity: 30,000-80,000 TPA Substrate strip: CR, GI, GL. Thickness: 0.2~1.2 mm, Width: 800-1400mm
Energy: Natural gas, electricity, LPG, coke gas
Vertical Annealing furnace of CGL, 180,000t/a CCL, 3-Coating & 3-Baking + Laminating (hot & clod) + print The Hot Lamination Unit of the left line
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