Push pickling line (PPL) is to remove scale & oxide on strip surface before cold-rolling.

Strip thickness: 1.2-4.5mm Strip width: 500-1350mm
Line speed: Max. 180m/min  Capacity: 600,000 TPA
● Fast threading speed
● High turbulence
● Small acid quantity
● Short start-up time.
● Less investment.
● Easy operation & convenient maintenance
Single stand cold reversing mill (4Hi, 6Hi)
Rolling speed: 800-1000 mpm (max.)
4-Hi mill:
Strip width: 350-1050 mm Entry thickness: 1.5~4.5 mm
Exit thickness:  0.2~2.0mm
6-Hi Mill:
Strip width: 600-1300 mm Entry thickness: 1.5~4.5mm
Exit thickness:  0.2~1.0mm
● Quick roll changing system
● Selective cooling package
● Cold rolling mill with hydraulic AGC(HAGC)
● VFD or complete digital DC speed control & thyristor power unit for main rolling mill, Pay-Off Reel & Tension Reels.
● Intermediate roll shifting system, positive  bending system (6-Hi),workroll-positive & negative bending system, work roll shifting system for effective edge drop control
● CPC, EPC, automatic circle counting, accurate deceleration & stop for strip tail
● Quick & automatic adjustment of pass-line level
● Oil fog lubrication for bearings of mill rolls
● PLC for process integrated automatic control, interlocking & failure alarm etc.
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