Medium-width strip can be raw material for cold rolled strip, welded pipe, cold formed section steel and welded section steel lines, for various structures, containers, construction material and household electrical appliances.
Low-alloy structural strip can be used as elastic element and automobile steel etc.
Raw material:
Slab thickness at 100-250mm, width at 500-1000mm
Steel grade:
Carbon steel, carbon constructional quality steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, spring steel etc.
Final product:
Strip thickness at 1.2-12mm, width at 500-1000 mm
Annual capacity: 0.4-1.2 MTPA
● Walking beam type reheating furnace
● Semi-continuous rolling line, consisting of one stand of edger with AWC, one stand of horizontal 2-Hi reversing stand for rough rolling, one stand of finishing edger and 6-7 stands of 4-Hi finishing stands with hydraulic AGC as finishing train
● Low-inertia electrical looper for constant-tension rolling among finishing stands
● Transverse train type quick roll-changing for finishing stands
● Water jet descaler to remove scales
● Laminar flow cooling to improve property of steel plate
● Horizontal type coiler
● Level-2 control system
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