MEPC provides EAF from 20t to 120t featuring the HP/UHP input and high impedance with various material mixes consisting of scrap, DRI and hot metal. We design EAF in a tailor-made way for the customer, with spout tapping or EBT, full platform or half platform, single point support or gantry support of the turning structure, etc.

The performance of our EAF is uniformly approved by the customer for its low consumption and long lifetime. Some typical EAF with capacity from 35t to 100T is shown  below.
80t EAF Operation in Huaye Special Steel Co, Inner Mongolia EBT, UHP 50t EAF Operation in Shijiazhuang Iron & Steel Co EBT, Hot metal charging technology
100T UHP EAF in Operation Fushun Special Steel Co.,Ltd Transformer 80MVA,power consumption 260Kwh/t 300,000tpy Stainless Steel Plant in Shanghai 2*35t EAF, 3*35T AOD
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