Raw material: Billet 100x100-180x180 x 12000mm
Wire rod: Φ5.5-16mm
Coil unit weight: 1-3ton
Annual capacity: 150,000- 700,000 TPA
● Walking beam reheating furnace to reduce scales and improve the heating quality.
● Water jet descaler to remove the scales.
● Horizontal-vertical millsfor roughing , intermediate and pre-finishing rolling resulting in non-twisting rolling in the whole rolling line.
● Eight or ten stands of ultra-heavy top-crossing 45° non-twisting mills for finishing train. The reducing and sizing mill can be reserved. The guaranteed speed of finishing mill is 105m/s.
● Three units of start-stop type flying shear forhead cropping and emergency chopping.
● Box type water quenching and retarded roller table type air cooling conveyor with high air- flow rate.
● Horizontal 2-Hi pinch roll and 15° inclination laying head.
● Complete double-arm rotary coil collecting system and P&F hook type conveying system.
Roughing Mill Air Cooling Line
Finishing Block 0.5 MTPA Wire Rod Mill for Shaoguan Steel Co
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