MEPC provides different kinds of section including billets, blooms, slabs and rounds with curved, vertical and other types of CCM. The product range can be summarized in the following table.

Type Section(mm) Radius (m) cast speed (m/min)
Billet 100×100~180×180 R4~R8 0.4~4.5
Square bloom 200×200~350×350 R8~R14.5 0.3~4.2
Round 1 Ф150~Ф350 R8~R10.5 0.4~4.2/td>
SRound 2 Ф400~Ф600 R12~R16 0.2~1.5
Round 3 Ф1200/td> Vertical type 0.1~0.8
Rectangle 165×225~420×530 R6~R14.5 0.3~4.2
Slab (150~220) ×1800 R8~R10 0.1~1.5
150×150 mm, 6S/R9M Billet CCM Tanggang Middle Plate Co.,Ltd 165*280 mm 4 S/R8M CCM Qinhuangdao,Anfeng Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd
Φ450mm, 6S /R12M/ Billet CCM Hebei Wuan Xinghuairon & Steel plant 220*1800MM 1S/R8M- Slab CCM Hebei Handan Jinding Foundry Co.,Ltd
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